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Last Updated: 06/18/2016

WHAT DO YOU GET WHEN YOU SHOP FOR A MATTRESS AT MOSS ENVY? The answers to this question will be followed by RED FLAGS: things to watch out for when you’re shopping for a mattress somewhere else.

#1. You get to actually touch, feel, and try the mattress before you buy it. This is an essential step to understanding how the mattress will work with your body. Without this step, you are simply guessing and hoping. Shopping for a mattress online that you haven’t seen with your own eyes and that you haven’t touched with your own hands is a bad idea. A mattress should deeply compliment your body type and sleeping style. RED FLAG: Even when you are offered an extensive money back return policy, they are hoping that you won’t want to deal the hassle of shipping it back and the subsequent inconvenience of not having a mattress. Most consumers who purchase a mattress online aren’t deeply satisfied and just force their body to “like” the mattress. This can result in comfort and health complications.

#2. You get to work with one of Moss Envy’s Healthy Mattress Experts. This deeper level of understanding can be achieved in Moss Envy’s showroom when you work with one of our Healthy Mattress Experts. Years of expertise and a keen ability to truly listen to our customers allow us to match your specific needs to one of our incredible mattresses. Also, our salespeople are NOT on commission… so no pushy sales tactics, just friendly and transparent information. We don’t have to push hard to sell our mattresses. They sell themselves. RED FLAG: Look out for sales people who just want to close the deal. If you are feeling pressured or you aren’t getting REAL answers to your questions, walk away. Have you read Moss Envy’s questions to ask mattress salespeople?

#3. You get the transparent truth. Moss Envy only works with manufacturers who aren’t afraid to share everything when it comes to what’s in the mattress and how the mattress is made. You and your family deserve to know the truth. The mainstream mattress industry is built on trade secrets, marketing spin, and proprietary materials. Quite frankly, we’re fed up with it. There are even mattress companies out there who position themselves as healthy mattress makers who are hiding the ugly and dangerous truth. We know how to look for the red-flags and are happy to share our knowledge with you. Here’s one… RED FLAG: A popular online mattress manufacturer that starts with an “S” claims to be “America’s best priced luxury mattress, built for luxury comfort and maximum sustainability.” They mention their “green” initiative and call their mattresses eco friendly. When in fact, their bio-based foam is made of 30% corn and soy oil coupled with 70% polyurethane and dacron.

#4. You get third party certifications. A lot of mattress manufacturers talk the talk, but when it comes down to it, they are lying or at least stretching the truth. We want the companies who make our mattresses to back up their claims with verified third-party certifications… and they do! RED FLAG: Look out for certifications on products that come from the same industry that makes the product. For example, the Certipur Certification can’t really be considered an independent or third-party eco-label since it was “developed by members of the global foam industry”.

#5. You get the cleanest and purest materials we can find for the lowest price we can offer. This is our promise to you. If there were a better and more affordable organic certified mattress we could sell, we’d be selling it. RED FLAG: Example… not all natural/organic latex is made equal. Many latex manufacturers blend and dilute their latex with fillers. The latex you’ll find in Moss Envy’s mattresses is as close to 100% as you can find… about 96-97%.

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