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Pillowooly Pillow
Pillowooly Pillow

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This pillow is one of our best sellers in store! Moss Envy's Pillowooly is an adjustable loose fill pillow with wool bolus nubs that create a very dreamy sleeping experience. One side of the cover is zippered so you have the ability to adjust how much of the wool nubs you want in the pillow or you can move the nubs around to create whatever shape you'd prefer with your pillow. Like all pure wool bedding, wool fill feels comfortable, offers superior insulation, resists flames, and lasts a good long time. But it is the crimp in the wool fiber that makes wool fill especially versatile. Wool naturally forms a cohesive batting without any chemical binders. Bedding made of pure wool fill will not lose its shape, separate into lumps, or shift.

*Moss Envy stocks standard sizes and will result in quick order fulfillment. Other size pillows may take additional time.

WOOL IS RESILIENT: Wool fill retains its superior qualities, wet or dry. Unlike down, which shifts into corners and bunches when wet, wool fill stays fluffy and evenly plump. Unlike synthetics, which feel clammy when wet and flatten out with wear, wool fill spares you uneven cold spots. Wool fill is so resilient it consistently outperforms synthetics such as polyester fiber fill. In scientific tests, wool recovered 95% of its original thickness when compressed. Synthetic substitutes recovered 67% to 79%. No matter how it is twisted, crushed, or pulled, pure wool fill springs back to its original lush thickness.

WOOL FILL IS COMFORTABLE: The natural, three dimensional structure of wool - which could never be duplicated in a factory - creates millions of air pockets to trap warmth. This unique cellular arrangement not only gives wool fill great insulating value, but also allows it to absorb body vapor and diffuse it to the atmosphere. Compared to synthetics, which can absorb moisture equal to merely 4% or less of their weight, wool can absorb up to 30 % without feeling cold or clammy. That's how wool fill creates a natural comfort zone of dry, warm air around the body to keep you comfortably warmer, longer. As wool fill absorbs moisture, it dries from within and so conserves natural body heat. Even under dramatically cold conditions, wool-filled bedding offers excellent protection against rapid loss of body temperatures. Whether or not you need this extra protection, you'll find bedding filled with wool is as luxuriously warm as down, but at less cost and without any of the drawbacks.

WOOL FOR HEALTHY DRY COMFORT: The fact that pure wool bedding is more comfortable than synthetic bedding has been scientifically confirmed. A study conducted by the independent Holenstein Research Institute in West Germany showed that 1 1/2 times more moisture remains in the bed environment when an acrylic blanket is used than when a person sleeps under a pure wool blanket. Further objective tests demonstrated that a wool-filled quilt is more comfortable than a polyester-filled quilt of the same weight.

WOOL IS FLAME-RESISTANT: Wool bedding is the safest choice both at home and in hospitals, hotels, schools, and other institutional settings. Because of its unique chemical structure and natural moisture content, wool is difficult to ignite. It merely chars, and won't flair up. It will not melt, so when forced to ignite it does not cling to the skin and cause serious hot melt burns.

WOOL IS BIODEGRADABLE: In this era of mounting concern about what to do with discarded products no longer of use to anybody, the biodegradable aspect of wool, as opposed to synthetic, is more important than ever. A wool comforter lasts for decades, and when the comforter finally gives out, because it is wool, it can be returned to the earth for natural recycling, or recarded and recovered for continued years of use.

WOOL IS ECOLOGICAL: Wool fibers require no factory to produce. Part of wool's miracle is that it is self-replenishing. Unlike down, which is only harvested once in the animal's lifetime, wool replenishes itself each time the sheep is sheared, and continues to grow over the lifetime of the sheep. As a matter of fact, wool and milk from free-grazing sheep can provide organic farmers with a modest income.

WOOL MEANS BEST VALUE: Consumers can count on pure wool comforters and mattress pads for 15, 20, even 30 years and beyond. Initially a wool mattress pad or wool-filled comforter may cost more than a synthetic substitute, but in the long run wool is the lowest in cost and the highest in comfort and usefulness. Wool comforters out-wear and out-perform all other comforters. The wool in wool-filled comforters can be recarded (re-fluffed) for generations of lasting use.

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Love it! January 24, 2019
Reviewer: dustin harthun from redwood city, CA United States  
Very well made.

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