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Natural Wool Filled and Cotton Covered Pillow
Natural Wool Filled and Cotton Covered Pillow


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Pure sleeping pleasure! These made in Minnesota wool pillows are filled with 100% new wool and covered with natural cotton - both from the USA. The breathability of wool makes this pillow ideal for absorbing perspiration without feeling moist, minimizing head and neck pressure points, and regulating upper body temperature.
*Moss Envy stocks standard sizes and will result in quick order fulfillment. Other size pillows may take additional time.

  • Soft wool pillows are best for those who sleep on their backs & stomachs, for children, and for those who like to fold their pillows.
  • Firm wool pillows work best for side sleepers and folks with wide shoulders.
  • For many of our wide-shouldered, side-sleeping customers, stacking a soft wool pillow on top of a firm wool pillow provides a perfect amount of height and softness - consider getting one of each.

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