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Earth Mama Organic Baby Wash - Sweet Orange
Gentle Baby Shampoo and Body Wash


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Ready to make bath time even sweeter? Gentle castile-based Sweet Orange Baby Wash is vanilla, sweet orange and calendula liquid soap for snuggly newborns, pregnant mamas — and everybody in between. Dermatologist tested and clinically tested for irritation, it’s effective and mild for delicate baby skin and hair, and chosen by hospital NICUs. NO artificial fragrance, triclosan, phthalates, parabens or sulfates! What IS in it though? It’s all there on our ingredient panel. Made with organic herbs and oils and no secrets, no surprises.

CAREFUL AROUND THE EYES! Castile-based soap is not “no-tear” - please use extra care and only with the self-foaming bottle.

  • This body wash is free of:

    -Synthetic surfactants
    -Foaming agents
    -Sodium laureth sulfate
    -Cocoamidylpropyl betaine
    -Quaternium - 15 & 1

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