Moss Envy Sale Coupon and Discount Policies

Even though Moss Envy's prices are already competitive, we enjoy providing our customers various ways to shop and save - through sales, coupons, and special deals! Here are our sale, coupon, shipping, and discount policies:

1. Free shipping applies to orders valuing $99 (pre-tax) or more.

2. Moss Envy does not combine discounts... we will always try to suggest for you, the better of the available discounts.

3. Discounts are never provided preemptively or retroactively to the date(s) announced or publicized.

4. Discounts (except for free shipping) always exclude twin or larger mattresses unless noted otherwise.

5. Discounts typically exclude special order merchandise and merchandise already on sale.

6. Typically, it is too expensive to offer free shipping on some larger home furnishings. However, we can always get a shipping estimate to see what we can work out. If we are offering FREE SHIPPING and you are interested in a piece of furniture, please contact us and we'll see if we can accommodate you. Thank you.

7. Same day delivery is limited to in-stock items weighing 75 lbs or less, and no bigger than approximately 36” x 30” x 18” (L x W x H). Recipient must live with 20 miles of Moss Envy (3056 Excelsior Boulevard, Minneapolis, MN 55416). Order must be placed by phone (612-374-4581) before 4pm (CST).

If you have any questions regarding any of our coupons, sales, or discounts, please contact us.