Savvy Rest, Naturepedic, Organic Mattress. Non-Toxic, Healthy Innerspring and Natural Latex Mattresses (Minneapolis / Twin Cities, Minnesota, MN)

Moss Envy carries the biggest selection of organic mattress brands in the upper Midwest!
Find both inner spring and organic latex mattresses from top brands like Savvy Rest, OrganicPedic and Naturepedic!
Located on the west side of Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN) in the West Calhoun Neighborhood!

Many are concerned that just below the surface of conventional mattresses are unknown chemicals - a proprietary mix of chemical agents that prevent your mattress from combusting during a fire. This Federal safety measure from years ago along with off gassing foams have exposed millions of people to harmful chemicals of concern...


Moss Envy offers a variety of comfortable, healthy, non-toxic and organic mattresses that pass the Federal flammability test with no added chemical flame retardants! All of our mattresses from cribs to California Kings contain organic certified materials like cotton, wool, and botanical latex!

Moss Envy also provides something else that is vital to the mattress choosing equation. An expert! There is a lot to learn and (unfortunately) a lot of misinformation out there online. We know that your search for answers can feel overwhelming. Moss Envy's Healthy Sleep Experts will help you learn the truth about what's inside your mattress and assist you in choosing a mattress that really works with your body type, your sleeping style, and your budget. None of our sales people work on commission. This means instead of getting high pressure sales tactics - you get a real person who just wants you to be healthy and comfortable.

What is your definition of value? If a discounted price is your only definition of value - then there are plenty of cheap mattresses you can find. The low price on discount mattresses reflects cheap materials, poor construction, and chemical flame retardants that will impact your health. You may get a few good years out of your conventional innerspring or foam mattress, but the later years will be uncomfortable when it sags and dips... and you will have subjected your body to nasty chemicals.

Buy it right the first time! Our most popular queen mattress at Moss Envy goes for $3099. Our most affordable queen mattress is $1599. We sell mattresses in all sizes for all body types and sleeping styles. Moss Envy offers the lowest, across the board pricing that you will find on the mattress brands we carry. But what do you really GET when you choose to buy your mattress at Moss Envy?
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In a study performed by Duke University, evidence was found of exposure to a potentially harmful fire retardant in the urine samples of all 22 mothers and 26 children tested. On average, the children had nearly five times more than their mothers of a chemical formed when the fire retardant, TDCPP, breaks down in the body. You can guess where most people (including children) are exposed to these flame retardants on a regular basis - their bed! Give yourself and your children every possible chance at a healthy future and get the flame retardants out of your bed by getting a mattress from Moss Envy.


Moss Envy carries healthier, organic, and natural alternatives to mattresses, sheets, toppers, pads, pillows, comforters, specialty bedding, and more. You'll find just about everything you need to outfit your new healthy bedroom - including bed frames and bedroom furniture! CLICK HERE to shop our online offerings. More available in-store.


1. A LOT TO KNOW: There is a lot to learn when it comes to buying a healthier mattress! Moss Envy is ready to answer your questions in an informative and low pressure way! We have the knowledge and experience to match your needs with the perfect mattress. We encourage you to visit our store so you can touch, feel, and experience our mattresses live and in person. Stop by during store hours or call ahead to set up an appointment. If you aren't able to visit in person, our trusted and friendly mattress experts know the questions to ask to help guide your decision. Visit, call, email or chat (lower right corner) - we're ready to help! Or try filling out our online Mattress Questionnaire.

2. SHOPPING AROUND? Arm yourself with the right questions. Know the red flags! The owners of Moss Envy developed these questions to help you decide what's important: Know the questions to ask. Print them up. Take them with you when you shop. Moss Envy sells every single one of our mattresses at the lowest price the manufacturers allow. This means you won't find the mattresses we're selling at a lower price anywhere!

3. BUYING A MATTRESS ONLINE? DON'T DO IT!: It's not a great idea. Here's why... the chances that you'll end up with a mattress that's not right for you is very high. A mattress that's not right for you leads to discomfort and sleep issues. A mattress should be selected for how it feels, not for what it looks like in a picture online. Most people's comfort needs are complicated. Moss Envy's employees are trained to listen to your needs and to visually assess how your body works with our mattresses. If you can avoid it, don't leave it up to chance by ordering a mattress online.

4. YOUR VISIT TO MOSS ENVY: You want your body to be as comfortable as possible! When you're experiencing our mattresses, we encourage you to take off your shoes and any bulky clothing (like jackets), empty anything in your pockets that might impede your comfort, and take your time! Make sure you cycle through the positions in which you normally sleep. If you're afraid your hair product or makeup might get on our showroom pillows, we'll be happy to let you use a personal pillowcase. Finally, try to spend at least ten or more minutes on the mattress you are choosing.

5. WHAT ABOUT MEMORY FOAM, AN ADJUSTABLE AIR BED, OR A CHEAP ROLLED UP MATTRESS IN A BOX? We say stay away! We hear horror stories on a daily basis from customers who purchased a memory foam mattress, only to get it home and be overwhelmed by the smell. That smell is VOCs off-gassing into the air and into your lungs. That's bad news! Dense foams also impede your body's air circulation... so much so that they had to introduce "cooling gels" into their proprietary mix of chemicals. Who knows what that stuff is! Avoid. Air mattresses are for camping. The lure of a quick, easy, and cheap mattress shipped to your door, rolled up in a box may sound good at first, but we've talked with enough of our customers who were very disappointed with the feel of the mattress. Don't gamble on your comfort!

*BEWARE OF THE CERTIPUR CERTIFICATION FOUND ON OTHER MATTRESSES. Other mattress companies who are using polyurethane and memory foams are utilizing this shallow certification to make you feel better about buying their product. Click here read more about this ploy to earn your trust. You'll be surprised.

6. NEED FURTHER PROOF? Want to read more about why choosing a healthier mattress is a good idea? Or maybe you need to persuade your sleeping partner to give it try. It's ALL about informing yourself and your loved ones! Here are some links to articles with further information.

6. ACROSS THE BOARD PRICING: Moss Envy's mattresses feature across the board pricing. Meaning that every retailer (including the manufacturers) must sell at the same price. This helps you avoid wasting time on looking for the best deal - because we've already got it!

7. VARIETY: Moss Envy has mattresses for all ages, body types, sleeping styles, and situations!
8. MOM & POP SHOP: Independently owned, Moss Envy is family owned and operated by Tina and Ryan North. The North's are known for their detailed attention to customer service. They know how important it is to make you a happy customer! They have independently vetted their store's product choices and want you to know that they've already done the hard work when it comes to research! (And they are picky!) Ryan and Tina sleep on a Savvy Rest Serenity Mattress with a Wool Topper, a wool comforter and latex pillows!

9. READY TO GET DOWN TO SPECIFICS? Ready to browse and learn about prices, sizes, and detailed information? Discover in-depth info on our best mattress brands like Savvy Rest, OrganicPedic, and Naturepedic! Click here to be introduced to the Mattresses of Moss Envy.